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D.R.E.G.S.S. Fansubs!
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Vocaloid - Happy/Smile // ??
No one responded to my last post about picking up a project so I have decided that I'm not going to beat a dead horse and accept that the community has died since it's 2 years of inactivity.

I will be permanently deleting this journal sometime next week. I will leave it open long enough to give people a chance and an opportunity at a newer fansub group that is looking for translators and whatnot.

(Kureyon Alliance) http://forums.animesuki.com/showthread.php?p=2357428#post2357428

There is the link to the group that picked up NG Knight Lamune & 40 (EX & DX). They also do Shin-chan. If you are interested, please contact him. :) They currently need translators for the new project of NG Knight Lamune & 40 (EX & DX).
Slayers - Pocket Lina tied up -_-
Check out the layout on the community and user info!

Okay guys. We've been dormant for a really long time. I think we all need to wake up or remove this community from existing.

There is some anime that I have that no one is fansubbing--why don't we step in and try? I am finally learning how to make .ass via Aegisub software. It is soft-subs, but it's a heck of a lot easier than hardsubbing it.

The anime that I have that no one is fansubbing in English is as follows:

NG Knight Lamune & 40 TV series (38 episodes total)
NG Knight Lamune & 40 EX (3 episode OVA) - 1st OVA series after TV series
NG Knight Lamune & 40 DX (3 episode OVA) - 2nd OVA series after TV series

(For Slayers fans out there, Megumi Hayashibara plays one of the characters in DX.)

If any only if you guys are interested in fansubbing this with me (and we will need more than 2-3 people working on this project to do it in a timely manner) I will begin uploading these files to some downloadable source. Megaupload, whatever have you. If I have to I will ask someone if I can borrow website space to host some of these files.

I guarantee you that people will be interested in these fansubs. I uploaded a lot of them to crunchyroll, RAW, before they made it so only the companies themselves could upload the videos and people on Cruncyroll were eating them up. Begging for subtitles and no one is out there subbing them!

The only series from this that is being subbed is VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fire--but I have been unable to find the raw. And on top of that, they've only released 3 episodes and they've been "working" on it for half a year. With this we can possibly gain more popularity and possibly more translators, typesetters, et cetera. And on top of it all, practice our Japanese skills.

So please, please wake up. Let's do something. Let's accomplish something. We decided not to do Lovely Complex because someone else was subbing it--and now we've found something that isn't being fansubbed by anybody. We will be the only ones.

Lets do this! I've even updated the layout on this community in hopes that it will draw you guys back in. :)

I need three other people with me on this to do it.
21st-May-2007 11:07 am - SUMMER!
Vocaloid - Happy/Smile // ??
It's the summer time and we should all have some free time. I say we do some sort of project, aye?
28th-Apr-2007 10:23 pm - MESSAGE TO SEIRET
Vocaloid - Happy/Smile // ??
Don't forget to try to download VS Knight Lamune & 40. Other series include Fire, DX, EX, and FRESH. But Fresh has been licensed so no need.
27th-Apr-2007 11:55 am - Question!
OP - Boa
Hi!! I have a few questions to ask the people here!!

I was wondering which online japanese dictionary is the best, and which ones you guys use (I gave my dictionary to my sister since she is studying Japanese in uni).

Also what do your parents or family think of you translating or doing fansubs for free. I told my family about what I am doing (and it's for the greater good). And they are like "You are doing things for FREE????" and I just managed to backup what I am doing saying "It's to practise my japanese" which I find a bit lame but true .... >_<

Anyways, any advice will be great!!! =D
23rd-Apr-2007 09:43 pm - Intro Post. Aoi-desu~
f :: younha :: sukinanda
seiret told me to introduce myself, so I'm just following orders. To be honest, I wasn't originally a part of the group, but seiret asked me if I could maybe help out with a project, and I said sure, if I can. Apparently that meant I was accepting a post in the group. Not that I'm complaining, I think forming a fansub group is a good idea, and I'd be happy to help out any way I can.

My name is Alex, although most my online friends just call me 'Aoi' as that was the name I went by when online nicks were a must, and giving out real names on the internet were a huge NO-NO. (Nowadays, I noticed, here on LJ, most people use each other's real nicknames when talking to each other, so, yeah, 'Alex'.) I'm 19, turning 20 this August, and yes, I know most of the people in this group in real life. (I hope everyone else doesn't feel out of place, though, because of that?)

Apparently, my official role in this group is 'timer' but if I can do other things for the group, I'd be willing to. As for interests, uh, I've pretty much stopped watching anime, but I'm still all for reading manga. I'm a HUEG shoujo manga hor, although it seems lately, since I haven't really been racking up on new titles, bluesonnet is taking over that title.

I watch tons of dramas, my absolute favorite being Gokusen (although the manga PWNZ the dorama in more ways than one, I tell you) and if you toss me anything with Matsumoto Jun and Nakama Yukie in it, I'll definitely swallow it up (which is why Hana Yori Dango and TricK are also on the favorites list). Anything with Shibasaki Kou, Inoue Mao, Ueno Juri, Tsumabuki Satoshi, Eita, Abe Hiroshi and Tamayama Tetsuji would probably make it on my to-watch list too.

I also watch a lot of Western TV (Veronica Mars, House MD, Friday Night Lights, Doctor Who and a whole bunch of others; Buffy the Vampire Slayer will also never be forgotten). I guess that'll be all for now. :)

For chibi_boom and the website:

Name Aoi
Email Add aoimidori13 @gmail.com
Y!M aoimidori13
Website aoimidori.livejournal.com
Location Philippines
Occupation Underachieving Student
Extra Info

22nd-Apr-2007 01:35 am - Subbing project?
Vocaloid - Happy/Smile // ??
If anyone can get their hands on some Knights Lamune & 40 Fire (or any of the other series--not FRESH cause it sucks) that would be great. We could sub that and I would be the happiest girl. I can start looking around to see if I can download the episodes from any place. They're really rare though, so... I'll do my best.
21st-Apr-2007 11:20 am - Intro Post!
OP - Boa
Hi everyone!!! My name is Vian, I am currently working full time in Hong Kong and I love it! This is also my first time translating a whole drama from Japanese to English, I have done summaries before for other dramas (namely DD Boys at d_boys)

I've studied Japanese for as long as I can remember and I plan to pass Japanese Proficency Test Level 2 this year (I failed at the vocab part last year T_T) This time I will definitely pass!!

Please support me and correct me if I do make mistakes because sometimes trying to hear a character speak is hard especially when they speak very fast!!! ^^
20th-Apr-2007 12:44 pm - Herro, herro.
Vocaloid - Happy/Smile // ??
My name is Kerensa. I'm in my early 20's attending college to be a Teaching English as a Second Language teacher. Actually TESL is my minor, English is my major, but I'm not getting a teaching license in English. My second language is Japanese (go figure). I hope that, before I graduate, I am able to attend at least one semester in Japan in a study abroad program. By the looks of it, it seems I will have a chance to do so Spring semester of 2008-2009. It'll tack on a semester to my graduation time, but I'm willing to make that sacrifice.

I first got interested in the Japanese language when I was 14 years old(I'm in my early 20's now). One of the kids I was babysitting had collected Japanese Pokémon trading cards. I looked at the writing on the cards and became instantly in love with it. From 14 to around 18 I copied what was written on the cards. I attended a Japanese class in high school but it was taught by a Japanese woman who had no background in teaching so I didn't learn all that much.

If I make mistakes please correct me! I want to know why a translation was wrong and what I misinterpreted. どうぞよろしくお願いしますね!がんばります!ヽ(´―`)ノ
20th-Apr-2007 11:12 pm - me wa...
hajime mashite! atashi wa ann-tenshi desu. dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu! ^_^

i'm in my third year, taking up bs ece. i may be busy with acads stuff and gigs but i promise i'll make time for dregss.

just like chibi_boom, i don't have any experience in subbing. but i'm willing to learn. and willing to download, too! XD

ps: i want to be a qc, too. provided that i have time. >_< .
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